The Adventures of Marco Flamingo In the Cave

Las aventuras de Marco Flamenco en cueva

Marco Flamingo is off on a cave adventure in this fourth book in the Marco series. But this time, Marco’s friends—Coral, Shelly and Webb—join him. When Marco spots caves, he is eager to discover what he will find inside. Marco’s flamingo friends are timid and make excuses for staying safely outside the cave. But when they are scared by the sight of a leopard, a snake and a vulture will they take their chances inside the cave? And what has happened to Marco, the friends wonder. Why hasn’t he come out? Come join Marco’s friends as they explore the cave in search of Marco and discover what Marco finds inside the cave. You are in for a big surprise.

The darker scenes inside the cave contrast with the desert light outside the cave. The paintings draw the viewer deeper into the cave and invite exploration along with Marco.

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